Aether is the scientifically-accepted term to refer to a world that seems to exist in parallel to the Earth and the rest of the universe, though many Britons still refer to it as the Spirit World. It is the world where spirits can be found, and while it seems possible that spirits can influence the World from time to time, their influence is limited and seems bound to the Aether.

To the Attuned, the Aether generally appears as a current of eddys and flows overlaying their perception of the World, with varying strength and size depending on its location. This current can be collected by those with the knowledge and tools, and is the raw energy used to fill and power spirit cells.

Many spiritual traditions hold that the Aether is simply the most recent naming of a spiritual Otherworld. It is not uncommon for the Irish to refer to it as Tír na nÓg, and the word Aether translates, in many scandinavian languages, to Niflheimr.

The exact nature of the Aether and the spirits within it is unclear, and much scientific research from around the world is devoted to uncovering its secrets.


Spirits by Gaslight Feegle