Spirit is a term that has become problematic since the publication of The Origin of Psyche and the resulting explosion of research into the aether.

Traditionally, when people refer to a “spirit”, there is a sense of a metaphysical being somehow otherworldly. Most frequently in the European traditions, this refers to ghosts, or other remnants of departed humans. It may, however, also be used in the sense of an otherworldly race, like Ireland’s daoine sidhe or the Germanic kobolds.

In the past fifty years, the popular perception has changed, and it is more common now for the word spirit to refer to an confluence of aetheric energy. This energy seems, sometimes, to have influence over the World in the same location. Scientific developments have enabled the harvesting of Spirits and storage, as well as the use of this energy in powering devices, ranging from the small and portable to the large and stationary.

Though the Church of England declared these aetheric phenomena (the scientific term) to be nothing more than a metaphysical energy field, Darwinists often anthropomorphize these phenomena as remnants of the dead.

While many Traditionalists may animomorphize aetheric phenomena as members of an otherworldly race, others may treat the aether as a completely new plane of existence, with a view of its nature in line with that of the Church.


Spirits by Gaslight Feegle